We Provide the Organic Certified agricutural inputs according to NPOP ( Gov. of India's National Program for Organic Production) Standards Certified by AOCA

Agriculture is the backbone of india & also world. We are comitted to sustainable agriculture to build sustainable farm. we provide organic fertilizes , organic Pestisides,Organic Additives,Organic Biostimulants and organic plant Growth promoters.

We are trying to help farmers for producing organic farm produce.

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Who We Are


our organisation is client cenric organization . we provide nutritional requirment of different crops and also provide organic plant protection solutions which are ecofriendly our professional team of well technically qualified people. we give promise that our customer satisfy through that our quality range of products and advice. and ethical business practices. our main aim is that supplying certified organic inputs to crops and produce poisonless fruits,vegetables and food grains from farm and save ecology for long ever. our all products are organic cetified according to indian organic standards NPOP By AOCA.


our production facility is located at 12 km from nasik city.we have high technology vessels,reacters.blenders filling machines with automation with qualified quality controls team.

Our Corporate Office

our corporate office Located at 12 km from nasik city and fulfill with essential drive systems.

R & D

our laboratory is well equipped. we have an experts in our laboratory for good quality controls. we also ti-up with various agriculture research institutes and also farmers to take trials of our product on their fields with good scientist technical support

About Our Director

Mr. sunil dokhale is director of spaa agro technology he compalited his master Degree in agariculture from MPKV Rahuri . he have lot of working experiance in different fields which related to agriculture. he worked as Agriculture offices in Govn. of Maharastra for 9 year. he worked as Assistant professor of plant pathology in Agriculture collage for 4 year . he worked as bussiness development officer in top most multinational comapany for 5 year he gives guidence personaly to farmers & solving their problems.



CANNY is good organic plant growth promoter. CANNY is combination of natural auxins vitamins & enzyme. CANNY is contains organic potassium & plant extract CANNY is increase the size and weight of fruits and vegetables. CANNY is also increase sugar content of fruits & vegetables.CANNY is improve keeping quality of fruits & vegetable. CANNY is acts as good plant food DOSE - 1.5 to 2 ml per liter for foliar application. 1 litter per acre for soil application.


ZEALOT-DRIP is high technical organic plant growth promoter for all crops. ZEALOT-DRIP is soil application input and combination vitamins Auxin cytokinis minerals of natural sources. ZEALOT-DRIP is help in releasing the nutrients in soil solution which easily absorb by plant roots. ZEALOT- DRIP increase photosynthesis of plant and stimulate the vegetative and reproduvtive growth of plant. ZEALOT-DRIP increase the white roots of the plants. DOSE - 1 liter per acre for soil application through drip or drenching.


Rapid sea is good organic plant growth promoter. RAPID SEA is marine bio active substances.contains plant hormones auxin, vitamins & is increase sugar content and improving keeping quality of fruits & vegetables. Rapid sea is increase white roots of grapes & tomato . RAPID SEA is chlorophyll and plant growth.Rapid sea is increase size of fruits & vegetables so increase yield. DOSE - 1 to 1.5 ml for foliar application. 1 liter per acre for soil application.


Prolific is good plant promoter. PROLIFIC is contains amino acids & proteins . PROLIFIC is increase flowering and fruiting of crops .PROLIFIC is increase tolerance of crops to abiotic stresses. PROLIFIC is increase immunity of plants DOSE - 2.5 ml per liter of water for foliar application. 2 liter per acre for soil application.


SPAASAN is organic plant growth promoter. SPAASAN is forms the waxy layer on plant parts.SPAASAN is a chelate nutrients and minerals in the soil and increase uptake nutrients and minerals supply to the plant. SPAASAN is increase resistance power of plants against diseases and insect. SPAASAN is increase tolerance of crops to abiotic stresses. SPAASAN is better wounds healing action in plant. DOSE - 1 to 1.5 ml per liter of water for foliar application.


RETONE is good plant promoter. RETONE is compete organic plant tonic. RETONE is combination of various plant auxins,vitamins,enzymes,seaweed,amino acid ,humus substances. RETONE is increase vegetative growth of plant. RETONE is increase tolerance of crops to abiotic stresses.RETONE is increase immunity power of plant and chlorophyll content of plant. DOSE - 1.5 to 2 per liter of water for foliar application. 2 liter per acre for soil application thougth drip or drainching.


SPAAWET is a polyether trisiloxane modified compound.which is surfactant properties and greatly reduces the surface tension of water. SPAAWET for waxy surfaceleaves of crops .SPAAWET acts as spaeading sticking & penetrating product. SPAAWET is good rain fast. SPAAWET is good activator. SPAAWET is improve coverage of spray on leaves. DOSE - 0.1 ml per liter of water for foliar spray. 70 ml per acre through drip.


REGAIN-OM is good plant increase plant growth..REGAIN-OM act as good soil conditioner.REGAIN-OM is increase white root of plant. REGAIN-OM is help in uptake of essential plants nutrients and minerals in soil.REGAIN-OM is increase tolerance of crops to abiotic stresses. REGAIN-OM is increase immunity power of plants. DOSE - 5 Kg per acre for soil application.


AIM-P is good plant growth promoter.AIM-P is contain organic potassium natural oregano mineral. AIM-P is increase immunity power and improve plant resistance againts diseases. e.g. powdery mildew. AIM-P is increase sugar content of fruits and vegetabl.AIM-P is incrase tolerance of crops to biotic and stresses. DOSE - 1.5 ml per liter of water for foliar application. 1 liter per acre for soil application.


TAKE ME Acts as a plant tonic. TAKE ME is improve plant resistance against diseases of plant and improve the immunity of plant against diseases. TAKE ME is rich in organic potassium.TAKE ME is good plant health & enhancer. DOSE - 2 gm per litter for spray. 1.5 to 2 kg per acre for soil application through drip & drenching to plant


APICAL is high tech organic growth promoter. APICAL is rich in organic potassium. APICAL is contain oregano mineral nutrients. APICAL is uptake freely available potassium in soil and supply to plant. APICAL is improve the sugar content of fruits and vegitables and also keeping quality of the fruits & vegetables. DOSE - 2 ml for foliar application and 2 litter per acre for soil application.


REVEAL-FI contain fulvic acid. REVEAL-FI is stimulate plant metabolisms. REVEAL-FI is better organic plant enhancer. REVEAL-FI is improveing the uptake of many nutrients in the inceaseing the cation exchange of nutrients. REVEAL-FI is good chelator.REVEAL- FI stimulate cell division and cell elongation of plant and increase white roots of plants . DOSE - 500 gm per acre through Drip irrigation or drenching.


GAINER-FZ is Contain main & important of soil humas. GAINER-FZ is help in releasing the nutrients in root zone & increase white root development & quality produce & yield. GAINER-FZ is prevent flower & fruit drops of crops. GAINER-FZ is improve soil texture ,soil condition and tolerance to drought and bad weather. GAINER -FZ is increase beneficial micro organisms and eartworms in soil.GAINER-FZ is increase chlorophyll content. and improve immunity of plant. DOSE - 500 gm per acre through Drip irrigation or drenching.


INDOSTAR is good organic repellent and contains plant extracts. INDOSTAR is contains dissent plant extract alkaloids. INDOSTAR is increase plants SAR (System Acquired Residence).INDOSTAR is acts as good plant food. INDOSTAR is replelles sucking pests as mealybugs . DOSE - 2.5 ml for foliar application


ACUTE is good Organic insect repellant.ACUTEis contains plant extracts use full alkaloids which increase plants SAR (Systemic Acquired Resistance). ACTUTE is repeller sucking pests as thrips and red mites and mealibugs. ACUTE is contain plant extracts like as Garlic, chilly seeds, cinamum,ginger etc. ACUTE is good insecticide in integrated pest management as organic insecticide it acts as a better plant food. DOSE - 1.5 ml for foiler application.

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we are nature loving company. we are ecofriendly so we are manufacturing agariculture organic inputs such as organic growth promoters , organic pestisides, organic fungicides,organo minerals which are essential for plant grouth we are give organic solution for different countries for diffrent crops in diffrent envirnonment condition.
we are producing organic certified inputs for agriculture according to NPOP ( Indian Organic Standard ) . We are focursed only on organic.
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